Sea-salted caramels: 1st attempt

6 Feb

As the heading suggests, this was only my first attempt at making sea-salted caramels and I’ll need to try again.  It doesn’t look very difficult, but unfortunately it wasn’t a success.

They tasted, pretty good – and really in my book this is usually all that matters, but I’ve worked out texture and presentation is also very important when baking or making desserts.

Caramel is simply sugar, water and golden syrup, bring this to boil and then add butter and cream.  According to the recipe – this needs to be brought to 121 C or 250 F and then poured into a pre-prepared baking tray.

I think the first thing I did wrong was substitution.  Something I’m brilliant at when cooking dinner.  I never, ever follow a recipe and always substitute ingredients.  This is perhaps not a wise decision when baking – especially when I’m still very much a beginner.  I needed 225 ml cream, but I only had 180 ml and as it was snowing outside and therefore I wasn’t keen to venture far from our front door, I decided to top up the difference with the leftover clotted cream from the scones.  Hindsight is such a powerful thing.

Secondly, I’ve read another recipe that suggests 130 C for caramel and I did take it off the flame the second it hit 121 C, so perhaps leaving it for a touch longer may help with the texture.

As I said, they tasted amazing but that’s only if you can get it off the baking paper.  It’s totally gooey which generally isn’t a bad thing, except when it’s supposed to be hard.  Fingers crossed the 2nd attempt works and then I’ll publish the recipe.

2 Responses to “Sea-salted caramels: 1st attempt”

  1. Sarah Healy February 7, 2012 at 23:57 #

    Good luck next time! Look forward to the photos….


  1. Sea-salted Caramels : 2nd attempt « Learn to Bake - February 26, 2012

    […] the disastrous 1st attempt, this time was a lot more successful.   It may have a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t […]

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